Each month I will try to share a new parenting tip that will encourage your child to enhance their learning and well-being through fun activities!.  This month’s tip is... December Tip:  Creativity Encourage children’s interest and excitement in discovery and exploration. Share activities and experiences where children and adults learn new things together. Take an ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) class together! Encourage children to make choices in materials and activities. Which color paper would you like to use? Identify and build upon children’s individual interest. Example: Trains. Get books from the library; walk down to the crossing and watch the train go by. Provide a variety of materials and activities in the home. Help children learn about and explore their neighborhood and community. November Tip:  Number Activities: Count the objects around the house, such as plates and forks for the table, crackers for snacks. Let your children set the table (“How many forks do we need?” “How many chairs?” etc.) When you put groceries away, ask questions such as “How many cans are there?” When picking up toys, sort big toys and little toys or sort by color. Talk about the steps for personal care: what do you do 1st, 2nd, 3rd? (Example: get dressed, comb hair, brush teeth.) Provide objects or toys for play. October Tip:  Scientific Thinking: Take walks in the neighborhood to observe natural objects and events. Watch the neighbor pouring cement for his new sidewalk, etc. Help children experience the world of nature by putting up a bird feeder, digging in a flower bed or garden, etc. Discuss objects and events that have been observed indoors and outdoors. What are icicles? Where did the pine cones in your yard come from? Encourage sand and water play. Encourage children to ask questions and find answers through active exploration of materials in nature. What do squirrels eat? Let’s watch and see. Let’s go check-out a book at the library and read about it. September Tip:  Social and Personal Activities: Involve your child in choosing daily clothing, dressing, and taking care of personal needs. Involve them  in other decisions around the house, such as which cereal to eat, etc. Tell your children that learning is good, fun and important. Share your fun experiences. Encourage your children to try new things and support them when they are unsuccessful. Provide opportunities to be with other children. Describe ways they can solve disagreements.
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